Signs for Good - Decal

Signs for Good - Window Decal

Shipping: Included in the donation amount for the window decals (but not for the yard signs).
How they stick: Vinyl decals that can be attached to storefronts, mirrors, displays, car windows or countertops. Easy-to-apply decals use static to connect to surfaces, allowing for residue-free removal. The static cling on these decals is on the back of the decal.
Size: 4″ x 6″
Color: Orange with white text
Proceeds support our charitable organization – your donation is tax-deductible!
Shipping: We can ship decals anywhere in the U.S.A. We’re a small nonprofit; please allow up to 14 days for your decal to arrive.
Grab your Signs for Good Window Decal(s)!
Window decals are the miniature car and window-friendly version of our Signs for Good!

Signs for Good are a bright and easy way to show your support for kindness, community, volunteerism, unity and goodwill. These yard signs have a simple message: Do Good. Be Kind. Change the World. Though people may not agree on a number of things these days, we believe this sentiment is something that we can all get behind.

The goal of Signs for Good is to spread a message to inspire people to think about how they can do good in our community, while having a wonderful side effect of raising awareness about Activate Good’s mission. Signs for Good are meant to be displayed in your front yard, in your window, or even in your business’s display case. They are bright and colorful to catch attention so that the world knows you stand for kindness, goodwill, and a better world.

Payment for the decal is a donation of a level of your choosing (minimum donation: $4.50). Please note, we cannot offer refunds for decals / signs.

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USD TT 4.50
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