Aroma Showerhead

Aromatherapy shower heads

For your home, B & B or hotels! Aromatherapy shower heads. Two models are available either a typical stationary shower head or a hand held style .
The stationary head is $99.00. The hand held model is $149.00.
1. Water Treatment
Treatment center mixes coagulants with water to make small particles stick together and then uses sedimentation & filtration to separate the polluted substances.
2. Vitamin C Cartridge
Water surges through your shower head. Upon contact, the vitamin C (ascorbic acid) reacts with chlorine to form a safer compound that won’t dry out your hair and skin. Natural aroma oils are also released into the water.
3. Ceramic Beads
The ceramic antibacterial beads filter helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.
4. Microfiber Filter Filtration
The water passes through the microfiber filter where large particles and pipe contaminants are filtered out.

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