NACCE Online Course

Barter Trade in the New Economy

NACCE, (National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship) and UpliftNow have partnered to bring you this opportunity to use your Trade Tokens to further your knowledge base of the barter economy.

GREAT VALUE for your time and Trade Tokens:
You will earn 350 Trade Tokens for the successful completion of this course. Thus you recover your investment in your education and add value to your community!

Learn how to maximize your membership in UpliftNow and in the national and international economy. This course covers the universe of barter trade and how you can engage in the conscious innovation era to maximize your profits, conserve cash, and build relationships and business!

BARTER TRADE IN THE NEW ECONOMY: Online e-course with Digital Badge Accreditation upon successful completion. 14 week, self-paced course with assignments and quizzes. Enrollees will also receive Trade Tokens for participation.

-All Course Enrollees will receive 100 TT (One-Hundred Trade Tokens) for enrollment and participation in the course. These Trade Tokens may be spent on any item within the UpliftNow marketplace, at their discretion.
-All Course Enrollees will receive 50 TT for each individual member of their community they refer who joins UpliftNow, and 100 TT for each business member who joins.
-All Course Enrollees will receive 100 TT, as a one-time bonus for listings with total marketplace value of 500 USD equivalent, or 200 TT for listings with total marketplace value of 1,000 USD equivalent.
-By participating in the course, and for course completion and badging, the enrollee will receive a minimum of 350 TT and a community Trade Token is equated to $1 USD.

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