Affinity Communities

Gift Certificate

$25 Gift Certificates for Stage Hands Clothing.

TT 25.00



TT 140.00

Biofeedbak Body Scan

Zyto biofeedback scan -identifys how to get body in balance.

TT 20.00

Insect Repellant Spray

Safe-for-Your-Skin No Toxins Insect Repellent.

TT 8.00

Protective Blend EO

Essential oils Protective Blend- supports/strengthens immunity.

TT 45.00

Coleman propane grill

Portable Coleman propane grill.

Various Pricing

Cashmere Throw

Camel cashmere throw blanket.

TT 180.00

Loungewear and PJ's

Bamboo loungewear and pajamas for women and men.

TT 55.00

Italian Clothing

Italian Imported Clothing.

TT 129.00

Mens leather wallets

Tommy Hilfiger and Dockers Men's Leather Wallets.

TT 300.00

Wooden bowls and pens

Handcrafted wooden bowls and pens.

TT 100.00
Morrisville NC

SAT Math Tutoring

Private 1 to 1 SAT Math Tutoring.

TT 60.00