Affinity Communities

CBD Transdermal Patche...

CBD 24-Hour Transdermal Patches.

TT 129.00

CBD Anti-Stress Spray

Small (8ml) CBD Anti-Stress Spray = Mixed Berry Flavor.

TT 35.00

Aroma Showerhead

Aromatherapy shower heads.

TT 99.00

Herbal Tea Club

3 month membership to BouTEAque Club.

TT 45.00

Biofeedbak Body Scan

Zyto biofeedback scan -identifys how to get body in balance.

TT 20.00

Insect Repellant Spray

Safe-for-Your-Skin No Toxins Insect Repellent.

TT 8.00

12ct Green Teas/Noni

12 Powdered 2Cups Green Tea Hawaii sachets/pixies box.

TT 20.00

Spray Hand Cleaner

Custom All-Natural Hand Cleaner made with essential oils.

TT 8.00

Protective Blend EO

Essential oils Protective Blend- supports/strengthens immunity.

TT 45.00