Affinity Communities

Charleston, SC

Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic Services in South Carolina.

Various Pricing

Biofeedbak Body Scan

Zyto biofeedback scan -identifys how to get body in balance.

TT 20.00

Insect Repellant Spray

Safe-for-Your-Skin No Toxins Insect Repellent.

TT 8.00

Spray Hand Cleaner

Custom All-Natural Hand Cleaner made with essential oils.

TT 8.00

Protective Blend EO

Essential oils Protective Blend- supports/strengthens immunity.

TT 45.00

Reflexology 60 min

Reflexology 60 minutes.

TT 65.00

Reflexology 30 min

Reflexology 30 minutes.

TT 40.00

Hot Stone Massage 90 m...

Hot Stone Massage 90 minutes.

TT 140.00

Deep Tissue Massage 12...

Deep Tissue Massage 120 minutes.

TT 160.00

Deep Tissue Massage 90...

Deep Tissue Massage 90 minutes.

TT 120.00

Swedish Massage 90 min

Soothing Swedish Massage 90 minutes.

TT 115.00

Stress Reduction

1 Hour Stress Reduction Session -revive body, mind & spirit.

TT 80.00