Affinity Communities


Tranquility Sleep Systems mattresses, and bed raisers.

TT 1,799.00

Wooden bowls and pens

Handcrafted wooden bowls and pens.

TT 100.00

Mallard Oil painting

Large original oil painting in antique frame.

TT 75.00

Acoustic Panels

One of a kind mahogany acoustic panels.

TT 1,200.00

Handyman and assembly

Assemble furniture, mount TV's, small home repair.

TT 30.00
Raleigh, North Carolina


Microwave Panasonic Countertop 1250w.

TT 70.00

Flower teacups/saucers

Pier 1 teacups & saucers set of 2.

TT 20.00

Gabi Coffee Mug

Get your Hug in a Gabi mug!.

TT 12.00