Increase Buying Power & Conserve Cash

Get new customers, find and employee or find a job in the UpliftNow community: At UpliftNow you can search for a job or hire someone from the community for part-time or temporary jobs.Businesses save valuable cash by using community trade tokens to hire part-time or temp employees. Employees open new doors of opportunity by accepting UpliftNow trade tokens as short-term payment for their work.

Businesses, get these benefits, and enhance your business potential by joining UpliftNow today:

Increased sales: We market your business to other community member businesses in the online member directory, through weekly email and through our member success and support team. Your business is referred new sales from buyers looking for trade commerce opportunities within the UpliftNow community marketplace.

New cash sales: The number one source of advertising for small businesses is "word of mouth." If you do a good job for an UpliftNow community member, they will refer their cash-paying friends, customers, family and other businesses to you. Additionally, trade token revenue from the incremental sales that we send you can be used for radio, television, print, direct mail, outdoor, online campaigns and other types of advertising that may be available in the community marketplace, to attract more cash customers and build your brand.

Wholesale buying power: With UpliftNow trade tokens, the actual cost of the products you purchase from the marketplace is the wholesale cost of your trade token earned. Making sales with built-in profits makes the cost of your purchases even more economical with UpliftNow. When you join the UpliftNow, you open the door to a new, cash-free way of handling every-day business and personal expenses.

Move excess inventory and fill idle time: Every business owner has excess inventory, production, capacity or appointment time. That unscheduled appointment today has zero value tomorrow. When you join the UpliftNow community, we provide you with new business to put your excess to use in profitable ways. We accomplish this by matching your product or service with businesses looking to purchase them with UpliftNow community trade tokens.

Improve cash flow: You can improve cash flow by increasing sales and reducing costs. Participating in the UpliftNow marketplace community does both! Trade token commerce enables you to pay for the products and services you need, using the goods and services you already have. When you hire a contractor, paint your office, or buy office supplies with your Trade Tokens (TT), you conserve your cash to pay other expenses. And, when you purchase items or services using UpliftNow Trade Tokens, you pay for them with revenue from new sales - sales that you probably would never have had, any other way!

Provides a competitive edge: UpliftNow members will patronize your business over the competition, because your affiliation is an incentive to do business with you. Trade Token commerce attracts new customers to your business, without affecting the existing cash sales already being generated by your company.

No bad debt: The UpliftNow commerce community can help businesses eliminate collections. When you make a trade token sale to an exchange member, you process the transaction using a touch tone phone or online postings to verify that the buyer has the trade tokens available to pay for their purchase.

Collect receivables: A small business might find it difficult to pay you the cash they owe but would welcome the opportunity to fulfill their obligation with payment in their products or services. UpliftNow marketplace members can then offer these goods and services to members for Trade Tokens which gets deposited to your marketplace account for the balance you were owed. Your uncollectable receivable just became revenue that can be spent on a variety of business expenses, saving you valuable cash flow.

Hiring &Employee incentives: By using an UpliftNow member dentists, for example, you can provide a much appreciated benefit to employees without having to pay cash for it. Trade tokens are also a great way to offer contest prizes, bonuses, wellness programs and vacations - all available to you without using cash, and all based on your wholesale cost of the incremental business that the UpliftNow marketplace community has brought you. By businesses hiring an employee for a short-term trial and paying them in UpliftNow community trade tokens, they reduce the risk and cost of onboarding a new employee. The employee gets an opportunity to prove their worth to the company and potentially get hired full-time; a chance they may not have gotten otherwise.

Earn Trade Tokens from new customers in the UpliftNow community and put your new purchasing power to work running your business, expanding your operations, or enhancing your personal standard of living without spending cash!

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