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Charity: Help uplift your favorite nonprofit cause, church, school or charity by donating your UpliftNow community trade tokens. Your donations may be tax deductible if the organization is a registered nonprofit.

For nonprofits, charitable organizations, churches, and schools:

It’s a constant challenge for most nonprofits, churches and schools to have enough resources to do all the good they’d like. Often there is shortage of cash to acquire much needed items to support their cause. That’s where UpliftNow comes in. Any UpliftNow community member, individual or business, can donate tokens to the member charity, then the charity uses those tokens to buy what they need from other businesses and individuals in the UpliftNow community, locally, nationally or globally, saving valuable cash for other needs.

Isn’t the reason you’re working in the first place so you can enjoy more quality time doing the things you want to do, be with those you’d like to be with and help the causes you’d like to support? Now you can do even more with UpliftNow !

Sell your stuff, use your talents and skills to build a treasure chest of value: Everyone has things in their attic, garage or basement they don’t need and don’t use. Even though they may be “gently used”, they are still of value to someone. Why not get them out, clean them up, take a picture and post them on the UpliftNow marketplace site? Someone there is going to need what you have. They will pay you with UpliftNow trade tokens and you can then spend those Trade Tokens on stuff you want and keep you cash in your wallet, or you can donate those trade tokens to the member nonprofit, church, school or charity of your choice!

Trade your services for community trade tokens: Do you teach piano or guitar? Do you have a special skill that can be offered to other members in the UpliftNow commercecommunity? Maybe you speak a second language and can offer lessons. Maybe you can teach gardening, woodworking or auto repair, or maybe you can pet or house sit. There are many ways to use your talents and abilities and to get rid of what you don’t need and get what you want, by utilizing the modern-day marketplace platform of UpliftNow !

Save your cash and put it into more important things. Get started improving the quality of your life and getting your time back! Donate to the cause of your choice and uplift them!

Any member can donate their community tokens or transfer them to another friend, family member, church, school or charity that is part of the UpliftNow community!

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