UpliftNow is a peer-to-peer, business to business and business to consumer marketplace, and more. We use our own community “trade tokens” as a means of value, rather than cash. So much more potential!

UpliftNow is free for everyone to join and participate in, individuals, businesses and nonprofit’s alike.There are no signup fees, no monthly fees, no transaction fees; none, zip, nada, zilch, zero! We’ll always be free to our community members.As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit,UpliftNow is supported solely by the charitable cash and in-kind donations of our community members and other philanthropic individuals or companies who support our mission and cause.


Our mission is to unite community commerce and service by providing a technology platform that enables people to easily buy and sell from one another and with local or global businesses, help contribute to building thriving schools, churches and charitable organizations, and uplift one another, all without using cash!

The online platform can be easily accessed 24/7 from around the world. We’ve got a few guidelines, but hey, they’re simple and just common sense, to help keep the community vibrant and fun!

The medium of exchange of the UpliftNow community is what we call “community trade tokens”. An UpliftNow trade token is equivalent to 1USD. The community tracks these “trade tokens” for our members and makes it easy for community members to buy and sell stuff from one another similar to other consumer commerce sites such as Offer Up*, LetGo*, Craigslist*, eBay*, Amazon*, etc. *(UpliftNow is not affiliated with these companies). We do not charge any fees whatsoever to join, buy, sell or donate your community tokens.

We invite you to join the UpliftNow Community, sell stuff you don’t need, buy stuff you want, donate to your favorite nonprofit organization and share the exciting news with your friends. Let’s create a new community economy and show the world just how well we can work together uplifting one another!


For individuals and families:

With UpliftNow , anyone can become a member for free (well, you do have to be 18 or older).To participate in the community and buy and sell simply 1) Join. 2) List: take a photo of the item you’d like to list on the site, list the details, including price and terms of sale and voilà! Oh yeah, if you have a service, skill or talent you’d like to market, you can list it as well; how cool is that? 3) Sell: When you sell at item or service you accept payment in UpliftNow community tokens; the same when you buy stuff. 4) Buy: Your account will always list your available trade tokens so you’ll know how much you have to spend. If you need more tokens*, list and sell more stuff, or you can arrange with the seller to pay cash or trade something else you have. It’s all about friendly communication, and it’s fun! 5) Donate: All members can donate tokens to their favorite charity, school, or church, if they’re a member of the community. If they’re not, then hey, tell them about it and sign ’em up!

*Need more tokens? During launch, and for a limited time, UpliftNow will gift you TT’$100 (100 community trade tokens) for every $500 in value of products or services you list on the site. So, for example: You list a TT500 bicycle for sale on the site, we’ll gift you TT100, or, if you list TT1,000 of products or services, we’ll gift you TT200! You can start spending right away, even before you sell something!

For individuals and families:

We all have stuff in our attic, garage or basement we don’t need, yet somehow, we want other stuff! The UpliftNow community marketplace is an awesome way to sell what you have and get what you want, without using cash! Just, list, sell, buy and enjoy, all while making new friends and building relationships with folks in your community.

For Businesses:

All businesses can use more new customers. With UpliftNow , they can accept community tokens as payment for their products or services and then use those tokens to buy services or items from other members of the community, saving valuable cash. If a business has excess inventory or unproductive time, UpliftNow is an ideal way for them to more fully engage with their community and generate new biz!

Businesses can also hire a temporary employee and pay them with UpliftNow tokens. This is a win-win. The person who may be unemployed or underemployed can have an opportunity to prove their worth to the business, a chance they might not otherwise have received. The business can evaluate the employee, with minimum risk, for a short period of time, then if it works out, they can hire the person and pay them with regular cash wages.

For nonprofits, charitable organizations, churches, and schools:

It’s a constant challenge for most nonprofits, churches and schools to have enough resources to do all the good they’d like. Often there is shortage of cash to acquire much needed items to support their cause. That’s where UpliftNow comes in. Any UpliftNow community member, individual or business, can donate tokens to the member charity, then the charity uses those tokens to buy what they need from other businesses and individuals in the UpliftNow community, locally, nationally or globally, saving valuable cash for other needs.

uplift now is a new and innovative way to build community, commerce and charitable service! Everyone wins.

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Example of how the UpliftNow marketplace commerce community can help small business owners:

With UpliftNow online trade commerce enabled multi-party trading, Ms. Green, the massage therapist, who earned $800 Trade Tokens by filling empty appointment slots with exchange members, can get a new sign for her business from Mr. Blue, the owner of local sign and printing shop, who can use his trade tokens for office cleaning services from Ms. Violet. Ms. Violet uses the Trade Tokens she earned from cleaning Mr. Blue’s shop each week, to get a massage for herself and her husband, keeping them in tip top physical shape!

Most businesses that join the UpliftNow commerce community can anticipate getting 10% to 15% in additional new sales from buyers referred to them by the community that will pay you in Trade Tokens for your products, services, excess inventory or capacity. Then, use your Trade Tokensfrom those sales to pay for purchases instead of using cash. The cash savings goes right to your bottom line profit!

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